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About Us

VirtualResource is a leading global Workday Consultancy operating virtually with consultants across the globe.

What you should know about us

We firmly believe that the quality of the organization supporting your HR Workday implementation is pivotal in optimizing its performance for your business. Alongside a clear vision of your Workday objectives and a robust project team, we can assist you in all these areas.

With our team of highly trained Workday mentors, we are dedicated to upskilling your support staff, empowering them with the knowledge and expertise they need.

Partner with VirtualResource and experience the transformative power of Workday with our exceptional consultancy services. Let us help you navigate the path to success in Workday optimization.

VirtualResource in Numbers

Years collective experience
Workday integrations
Active projects

Being virtual allows us to be truly global

We support large organisations globally, irrespective of our geographical location


We adopted a virtual model well before the onset of COVID, enabling our employees to manage their work-life balance. At our core, we prioritise operating in an environmentally conscious manner, aiming to minimize carbon footprint and avoid unnecessary waste while serving clients worldwide. Our practices ensure that we operate 100% digitally, source sustainable products and minimise the use of any paper-based collateral.

Development & Diversity

We provide talented individuals from non-traditional backgrounds with a new lease on life through a career in technology. By defying traditional norms, we successfully develop Workday technical skills in South Africa (a new market for Workday) and our global employee base is >60% female, despite being a tech company.


At VirtualResource we make a daily difference to our local communities through support and feeding programs and create a sense of community within our VR Team with a focus on health and wellbeing.

Our Unique Resource Base

We source most of our Application Management Services (VRMS) resources from South Africa.

Trained and supported by experts

VirtualResource recruits are trained by Workday experts using our bespoke Internship Programme. Before joining a project team, interns shadow a specialist, and are assigned a mentor when they do join a team.

Tech experts who speak HR

All staff complete our bespoke human resources information technology (HRIT) training course. They are Workday experts who also understand HR issues and how to use Workday solutions to solve them.

Resource continuity

Our consultants are loyal to us, and to our clients. They come from an untapped resource pool, where IT and HR skills are high, but jobs are scarce and an opportunity to work with international clients is attractive.

Great rates

Our virtual resource model results in lower operating cost, allowing us to offer our staff’s services at higher competitive rates.

Meet our leadership team

We work together to train business-savvy staff who understand human resources, have strong ability to analyse businesses, and to understand Workday inside out.

How can we help?