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Rencontrez l'équipe Workday Rising EMEA 2023

The countdown to Workday Rising 2023 is on, and we cannot wait to introduce you to our incredible team at the frontline representing VirtualResource. Get ready to meet the faces behind the hype and expertise:

Helen Kromberg – Co-founder / Managing Partner

With experience in various roles, including Program Manager, Workday Architect, and HR specialist, Helen has the expertise to manage Workday deployment and support across HCM modules and workstreams comprehensively.

Cristene Kruiter – Co-founder / Managing Partner

With an international footprint, Cristene’s sophisticated and creative approach to the HCM module sets new standards for excellence and innovation in the global arena. Her passions revolve around training, learning, and analytics.

Ryan Zoutendyk – Partner / Client Services Director

Ryan takes the lead, driving operational excellence to new heights across all areas of Workday projects, support services, Cloud Extend and AI. Ryan’s forward-thinking approach paves the way for success in every project.

Lauren Ernstzen – Customer Success Director

The visionary leader that ensures client satisfaction by not only meeting but surpassing their needs, objectives, and expectations.

Brendan Kennedy – AMS Practice Lead

Collaborating closely with clients to align our managed services with their strategies and roadmaps. Our team conducts Workday release assessments, support demand management, and tenant optimization, all aimed at maximizing your Workday investment.

Let's deep dive into the team

Cristene Kruiter

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

We are elated to have Cristene, one of our VirtualResource representatives, bringing an abundance of Workday expertise and innovation to the table, embodying our commitment to excellence.

“Did you know that Cristene is a thought leader in Talent Optimisation, having worked with global organisations to develop their skills driven agendas? She is also our resident Analytical, AI & GenAI expert – definitely worth connecting with.”

Her sophisticated and creative innovation knows no bounds. Cristene has an extensive wealth of Workday expertise, specializing in Talent & Performance, Benefits and Compensation (both Core & Advanced).

She continues to redefine HCM with her visionary approach breathing strategic life into projects, inspiring new industry best practices, innovative solutions, and the utilizing of Workday’s full capabilities.

Helen Kromberg

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Meet Helen, your gateway to programme management excellence. With an unparalleled specialization in Workday, Helen is the experienced professional who can turn your project into a resounding success.

Helen, specializes in the following key Workday areas:

  • HCM
  • Compensation
  • Absence
  • Reporting
  • Time Tracking
  • Sécurité

Helen’s diverse skills make her an invaluable asset for any project, taking a comprehensive and result-oriented approach that will match your organization’s goals. 

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to navigate the complexities of your project, Helen is the name to know.

Ryan Zoutendyk

Partner / Client Services Director

Ryan has a wealth of experience across HCM, leading global deployments, project delivery, HR Tech transformations, and solution design all driven to ensure the success of our customers and their investment in Workday.

Ready to chat about all and anything Workday – from Cloud Extend use cases, Onboarding employee experience to Manager self-service, and more. 

Ryan’s versatile range of skills positions him as a valuable asset for any project, with the capability to address a diverse variety of HR and operational requirements.

Here is a snapshot of Ryan’s impressive skill set:

  • HCM
  • Recruiting
  • Sécurité
  • Compensation Management
  • Absence Management
  • Orgs and Data

Lauren Ernstzen

Customer Success Director

The success of a project is only as good as the leadership driving the success!

Introducing Lauren, our dedicated and results-driven Customer Success Director who will represent VirtualResource at Workday Rising 2023. She is the driving force behind our mission to exceed client expectations and build long-lasting partnerships.

She started her Workday career in 2019 leading the functional implementation of Workday HCM across 13 countries. She is your trusted partner on the journey to achieving your goals and maximizing the value of our solutions.

With an unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and growth, Lauren continues to push the industry boundaries, setting new standards of excellence.

She brings a comprehensive skill set to the table, including:

  • Strategic Partnership
  • Client-Orientation
  • Problem Solving
  • Change and Communication Management
  • Product Knowledge and Client Advocacy

Brendan Kennedy

AMS Practice Lead

Brendan’s expertise extends to the AMS field, where he leverages a tech-savvy approach to enhance efficiency, functionality, and user experience.

Having worked across a variety of organisations from Global Magic Circle Law Firms, Large Pharmaceuticals, National Large Retail and Global Oil & Gas to name a few, he has extensive experience in Workday.

An exceptionally driven change leader with expertise in complete HCM delivery and over 14 years’ experience in HR Transformation.

Brendan’s versatility means he has developed key skills and gained valuable experiences in programme management, data migration, functional design and business analysis.

From the onset to execution, Brendan navigates the intricate landscape of projects and AMS with diligent precision.

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