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Transformation Services

Drive fundamental changes across your organisation with our Transformation Services. Through Delivery Services, we offer detailed process design, change management, training and user experience enhancements to ensure your transformation initiatives are impactful. Our Advisory Services support these efforts by developing comprehensive strategies for change adoption, service delivery optimization, and governance model creation.

Delivery Services

Global Process Detailed Design and Localization

We develop comprehensive global process taxonomies and process maps, ensuring they are tailored to local legal requirements and optimized for efficiency.

Change, Comms, and Learning Delivery

Our change managers deliver detailed change impact assessments, communications strategies, and learning plans to ensure successful adoption of new processes and technologies.

User Experience Diagnosis and Journey Mapping

Analyzing and improving user experiences by mapping out end-to-end journeys, identifying pain points, and optimizing processes.

Service Rehearsal & Readiness

Pre-go live, we conduct service rehearsals to ensure HR is ready for the change, providing a critical lightbulb moment for users.

Transition of HR Services

Managing the transition of HR services between roles and locations, ensuring a smooth and efficient shift.

Knowledge & Content Creation

Our team creates and updates knowledge materials, guides, and content, ensuring they are tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Project/Program Management

We provide HR-focused project and program management, ensuring the successful delivery of transformation projects.

HR Ops & Business Partnering Support

Our consultants augment and support HR operational and business partnering roles, ensuring they are aligned with organisational goals.

Advisory Services

Change & Adoption Approach

Developing comprehensive change and adoption strategies using models like ADKAR, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Learning, Knowledge, and Content Strategy

We develop learning and content strategies, identifying gaps and developing comprehensive plans to enhance adoption.

Service Delivery and Op Model Design

Designing optimized HR service delivery models, aligning them with your strategic goals and ensuring efficiency.

HR Governance Models & Controls

We create robust governance models and controls, ensuring compliance and effective management of HR processes.

Feasibility Studies

Conducting feasibility studies to evaluate the potential impact and value of proposed projects or initiatives.

Phase 0 Preparation for HR Transformations

We provide foundational planning and analysis to prepare for successful HR transformations.

Service Health Checks

Conducting thorough health checks on existing services, providing recommendations for improvements and optimizations.

Business Case Development and Support

We support the development of business cases, helping to secure funding and stakeholder buy-in for transformation projects.

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